Send outlook email with custom font and custom font size

Como puedo cambiar la fuente de mi mensaje enviado por correo mediante Outlook? A la de century gothic con un tamaño de 11?? (trabajando con Uipath Studio)

How can I change the font of my message sent by mail? A century gothic with a size of 11 ?? (working with Uipath Studio)


  • create a variable strBody with reduced string
    "<p style=""font-family: Century Gothic, CenturyGothic, AppleGothic, sans-serif; font-size: 11px;"">#YourText#</p>"

  • replace #YourText# woth your email text

  • use strBody within the Body (Cuerpo) field of the send email activity

  • ensure isHTMLBody is activated

I keep throwing an error, when trying to put the different variables replacing where it says #YourText #

  • after last variable was missing
    better to read with following

strBody as above with #YourText#

prepare a variable (name: MailText) where you concat the different Variables

then use an assign activity
left side: strBody
Right side: strBody.Replace("#YourText#", MailText)

I do not finish understanding well, is this what you mean?

I keep throwing the following error

so the flow is:


Can you try somethings like this?

  1. Create html template in outlook
  2. Save it as a html(File -->Save As–>Choose type ‘HTML’
  3. You can change the file name as per your wish.

Note:- This is one time setup

  1. After that you can use read text activity and read the html file where you stored.
  2. then place that body variable in outlook automation. Just make sure enable “Is enable HTML” option