How to check whether Outlook Email is Received or not?

How to Check the email I sent using Send Outlook Email Activity is sent or not?
I already try using Get Outlook Message Activity on “Sent Items”, i got the ReceivedDate Properties, but when I try using invalid email or email that not active , I still got the ReceivedDate properties.

Hi @fprmana

Check this

Filter outlook emails based on given received date


Thanks for the answer,
but what i want to know is how can i know whether email that i sent is sent or not to email receiver,
and what i already try is by using receivedate properties of the mail, so i know wheteher it already received by the email receiver or not

Hi @fprmana,

If you don’t get any error it means it got send successfully to the indicated email, if you want to know if the user has read your email based on something you have to probably use Monitor activities.

well, i got no error but i receive message from system adminisitrator, tell me that the email is not sent, how can i know that the email i send is invalid?
I tried using Receivedate properties before, but i still get the date although the email is invalid

Hi @fprmana

Have you checked the email id which has a valid email id based on filter

Ashwin S