Command for the bot to check if machine is connected to company network (VPN)

Hello Team :slight_smile:

I just want to check if there’s an activity or command line that I can use for the bot to check if laptop is already connected to company’s network (VPN)? I want to include this step because my process flow will only work if laptop is connected to our internal network, and usually, we forgot to connect our laptop to VPN before running the bot.

give a try on sending a ping to an adress which is only available when VPN is up.

Can be done by commandline / Powershell or have a look here:



Hi Peter, thanks I will try this. What should I add on myPing.Send("172. ? on the Assign activity. Is that an IP address?
Yes, IP adress or Host. For clearing such questions just open the docu link from above and refer to the official information resource


Please refer this
GetNetworkInfo.xaml (6.5 KB)

This will return all the network information. I have tested with my wifi network. Please test with VPN connected and VPN disconnected.