If Condition - Ignore Case?

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The current item is Amazon, how do I insert ignore case ?

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Screenshot 2022-06-27 173318

You can use .toLower to make both lower case and check.


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Hi, this works but only on lower.
Im looking to ignore case so upper and lower.

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No, the idea is to convert both strings your compare to the same case, be it .ToUpper or .ToLower is actually quite trivial.

If stringvariable1.ToLower = stringvariable2.ToLower

yields the exact same result as

If stringvariable1.ToUpper = stringvariable2.ToUpper

Ive created a list of companies, one item in this list is Amazon.
The reason for the capital A is for creating folders later.
The pdfs that im reading are concentrating on the email, which is amazon.com ( lower case ).
If the pdf contains amazon then do this etc.

Below is the current condition which only works if I change the list item from Amazon to amazon.


Im an Idiot !!!
I stupidly put the .ToLower after the text from the pdf rather than the Item !!!

Thanks guys :rofl:

Text_from_Read_PDF_Text.Contains(item) = true OR Text_from_Read_PDF_Text.Contains(item.ToLower)

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