How to check the dateformat in excel is 'yyyy' and add 01-Jan-yyyy' to it

Hi everyone,

My requirement is excel contains different date formats i have to parse for other formats and use cdate for conversion but problem i am facing is for yyyy format
i need to check the format whether it matches ‘yyyy’ and add 01-jan to it

could u please help @palaniyappan

thanks in advance


Can you please share screenshot of the sample data. So that we can check and help you.

apologies , will not able to share screenshot as its client data , but yeah i need to parse dates in yyyy formats eg:2019


  • Use Is match activity and check if year contains four digits this will store in Boolean variable

  • Use if condition and if it is true add date

@kavya.s16 , If you still need help, instead of sharing the whole Client Data, you could provide us with only the Date values being present in the Data. I do not think the dates would be any more of a confidential issue.

Also, for Parsing Multiple Date Formats, take a look at the below post :