How to check if values from two tables matches: Join table or Lookup Data Table?


I am trying to check the values of two tables if they match.

I tried the join table activity, but the joined table does not have the DT1 value.
I think the data types are different so did not joined the values?
I checked the data type of each column and i got:
Shipping note column of DT1 : System.Object
Delivery column of DT2 : System.String

Also I tried to do Vlookup using the Lookup Data table activity but it did not work.
The error says cannot convert Double to String at the Get Row Item so I tried to convert Double to String but got error.

Please help…

in case of we are blocked with default activities we can try it with LINQ. Maybe you can share the input data and the expected output with us. Thanks

Attached is the simplified process with the tables.
DT1 data is read from xls file first. (10.1 KB)


Do you have any ideas to solve this or do you need any other information?