Join Data tables does not work

I have two tables and each has a common column. I tried to join that column to check if the values match using Join data table activity, and the result doesnt have the DT2 value.


The two tables have the same values so the result should have matched values like this below:

However, I get this:

The data type of the two data tables are the same.
Also there is no duplicates on the two data tables.
I tried switching the tables in the Join Data Table activity, but the results are the same: the input data table2 values do not show up.

Why they are not joined?

Hey @yesterday

Put DT1 as Input Data Table 1 and DT2 as Input Data Table 2.

Also column Name in Activity for both table should be delivery only. Now your activity should look like this

I think this should solve your problem

Hi Yesterday,

I think your configuration is correct as I have tried and get the expected results.
Moreover, you can use output datatable activity to verify if you are getting correct results or not.

Also note that, check the “save changes” checkebox in excel application scope if using it.

Please find below response:


Please have a look into the steps in the below video by @AndersJensen

Hope it will solve ur issue


Hi @yesterday

To join to two datatable use the following LINQ:

var JoinResult = (from p in DT1.AsEnumerable()
join t in DT2.AsEnumerable()
on p.Field(“Delivery”) equals t.Field(“Delivery”)
select new
ProductName = p.Field(“Product Name”),
BrandName = p.Field(“Brand Name”),
ProductCategory = t.Field(“Product Category”),
TaxCharge = t.Field(“Charge”)

This will get the data into a list. Now to convert list into Datatable, apply loop on the list and In the ArrayRow property of ‘Add Data Row’ activity, just supply the single string as an array,designated by curly braces {}

So it should be {item} in the ArrayRow property (or whatever you named the for each variable)

Happy Learning
Achal Sharma

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