How to check if the elements in excel sheet is there in website?

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How to check if the elements in excel sheet is there in website before scrapping the details.

is there any solution please let me know it as soon as possible.


Can you please elaborate, whcih kind of elements are you trying to find in the website?

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We can get the text from excel and pass that as input to FIND TEXT POSITION ACTIVITY and get the output with a variable of type uielement
—now pass that uielement as input to ELEMENT EXISTS ACTIVITY along the property ELEMENT
Which will give us Boolean variable as output based on which we can decide whether I’m the web page has the element or not


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Hi hacky,


Hi Palaniyappan Sir,

If the element is not there in the website it should show an alert message.

Yah based on the Boolean variable use a if condition
If that variable is true it goes to then part or goes to else part where we can use MESSAGE box activity

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Thank you Sir…

whether the element exists can set it out the time out?

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yah we got Timeout Property in it

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