How to check if excel cell matches a value


I have a value saved in a variable called $date, which contains the date in format 03/04/1986 . The excel document I am working with has a lot of rows and columns. One row contains dates for the next 5 years. What I want to do is match the value of the date variable to the current date somewhere in the row, so iterate across the whole row until $date matches the date, so I know what column to update. How should I go about doing this?

Can you provide an example file?


Hello, i would suggest that you use filter, inside it, choose $date1 = $date2.

This will choose only the rows that contain that date, than you can use a for each, and update your excel file with the data you want.

Let me know if this helped :slight_smile:

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Hi @mz3bel what would this look like? Is it the filter inside the read range activity? I can’t seem to find where I would enter the filter, $date1 = $date2 at. Also, say $date1 = 02/05/65, what is $date2? Essentially how do I say look at this row in excel and keep going till it matches so that $date2 has a value

If you share an example file it will be easy to troubleshoot


1 - Read the data from your excel file, using Read Range Activity inside, Excel Scope Activity.
2 - Filter your excel data, where the column which has the dates, contains the date you want to exclude or find, outside the Excel Scope.
3 - An If activity, so that if the date found, than… etc.
4 - Update your column, using Write Range Activity, Inside Excel Scope.

Hope this clears things for you :slight_smile: