Getting the data in excel if match with current date

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I want to get the data in excel if when i’m checking the date in column C is matched with current date
For example
if column C is matched with current date then we get the data in column D in same row.

I already get the data using for each row but i think the result is different with what im expecting.
Please give me your advice about this.


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GM Delf,

write a If condition in for each row like below,
for(row : dt) {
if(row(2) = Now.ToString(“dd-MMM-yy”)){


please a give a try, i did not execute this statement :slight_smile:


Hi @Pankaj.Patil

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I’m try your code but it seems i didn’t quite get what you mean. Can you elaborate further?

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First you need to get your date in the same format which is present in excel.
So in condition give !!!row.item(“col name”).tostring=datetime.Now.ToString(“d-MMM-yy”)!!!
try this hope it works.
And give tolower or topper in case of case sensitive.


In the if condition,
row(3) = now.ToString(“dd-MM-yyyy”)

data type for row(3) will be an object and not string. hence you are seeing the error.
assuming the date value retrieved from row(3) will be in “dd-MM-yyyy” format, use,
String.Compare(row(3).ToString, now.(“dd-MM-yyyy”)) = 0

In case if row(3) is in different format, convert the “now” value to matching format.

Hope this helps!

Hello Delf,

Please find below screenshot,



Hi @Pankaj.Patil

Great i can use that as well.

On this occasion i want to ask again how to use if for datatables
for example
im type this in if activity
dtwht.Select(“[Reference]=‘Doom’”) but its getting an error system data row cannot be converted to boolean.
Sorry for asking some silly question


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Hi @delf

If you want to test if any rows match you Select query, you can add .Any at the end like this


This will return a boolean for you :slight_smile: