Date comparison read data from one excel to another excel sheet

I want to read the data from excel sheet and compare dates from one of columns.

for e.g. in excel sheet I have 10 columns and 9th column is “End date”

Now I want to read the data from excel file based on “End date” should be between today’s date and today’s date + 30.

could you please help how to compare date and read only particular rows only.


Hi @nnshah

To read an excel sheet according to values of specific column :

  • Use Read Range activity to read the whole excel sheet in a DataTable.
  • Filter the DataTable using the Filter DataTable activity.

Your output dataTable will contain only the rows that you want

Hope it helps

1.Read your excel using “Read Range” inside “Excel Application Scope”.
2.From data table which is an out argument from “Read Range”.
3.Read data from data table using “for each row” , use a “If” control to get data based on condition; then and else can be driven to view or write out put.