How to check for expired date in excel file and send outlook email?

Hi, I am new for UiPath, and i trying to do a program that can check for expired date and send outlook mail to inform the person.

The rule is, when I run the program, it will check all the date in column J one by one, if the date in column J expired, then it will take the outlook mail in column R and send an email to inform the person “item expired”. If the date not expired then it will go to next row and continue checking the date in column J.

Below are the UiPath I trying to do and the excel file.
Main.xaml (9.9 KB)
sample date.xlsx (9.9 KB)

Hey horo1016. I’ve created this solution to your exact question (yeah what else to do on a friday night :smiley:) Let me know, if that solves your question. Kind regards, Anders


Thank you for your reply and your patience for the video.The explanation in the video is very detailed and easy to understand. Thank you for your teaching and have a nice day !! :smiley:

Awesome, horo1016 :star_struck: I’ve realised the sound was very bad, so made a retake this morning (the solution is exact the same):

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