How to convert excel cells in uipath from string to number

When I check the values on the excel says it says “it is formatter as text” and makes the computations error , I don’t want to convert it to number one by one by clicking convert to number. Is there a way to automatically convert values from cells into numbers ?

For example I wanna convert all values from cell E24:E45. Thank you for any idea.

Hi @AhmedKutraphali !
I would suggest to:

  • use read range activity (don’t check add headers), take as an output datatable variable, and specify the range by “E24:E45”
  • use foreach row activity to loop in your datatable
  • inside the foreach row, use assign activity: row(“Column4”) = CDbl(row(“Column4”).tostring)
  • then outside of the foreach loop, i would use write range activity (don’t check add headers) and specify the range by “E24:E45”

Let us know if you have trouble into implementing this suggestion, or if I misunderstood what you are looking for ! :smile:

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@AhmedKutraphali - Please check this post for solution…