How to check a checkbox in a scanded pdf file


How can I check with a robot a pdf scanned file what checkbox is manually checked?
For example I have this form and I want to know which one of the 5 boxes is checked.
Also the position of the boxes may vary depending the way the file is scanned.

Thank you

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you should try with image exists.

Try to check the checkbox 1 exists as an image, if it exists, it has not been checked.
Do this checking all other checkboxes, if you do not find an image, this has been checked.
Verify the checkbox image with the number beside.

Thank you for your opinion.


I didn’t tried this but a suggestion,
Check the get attribute activity to see either it’s checked or not, try set attribute of check required.


Unfortunately, being a scanned document, UiExplorer doesn’t see the checkbox. it sees it like a empty document.
I’ve tried also with find image, by comparing a empty box with a checked one and didn’t work.

Thank you