How can I check to see whether a specific image exists in a PDF file?

I am iterating through PDF’s in a Windows folder.

Each PDF has a number of check boxes in it which may be either checked or unchecked.

Is there a way that I can ask UIPath to extract the image from the PDF’s to see what the state of the checkbox is? The checkboxes are always in the same location.

I’ve tried READ PDF WITH OCR, but, this just seems to extract text, so, I don’t think it is helpful here?


Hi @SentientPizza

do you talk about native PDF files?
Could you share a sample?

Hi, yes, this is a native PDF. Sorry, the data is pretty confidential so I can’t really share the PDF sample.

In this case you may get a proper selector. Did you try this with UI Explorer?

Hi @RoboHeart
I have similar issue with extraction of a specific image from a PDF file.
I have tried using extract images from PDF activity which extracts all the images in my PDF file. Is it possible to extract a specific image (logo)? If so what is the activity? How can I use UiExplorer here.