Check checkboxes in scanned PDF


Hi Team,
I need to check if a particular checkbox is checked or not in a scanned pdf. Get Attribute option is not working properly. Can anyone help?
Screenshot for reference.



We can use IMAGE EXISTS activity where choose the region of that particular checkbox enabled along with the text nearby
So that if that check box is enabled then it would give us a Boolean variable bool_exists with value as True or else False

Cheers @Ankita_Biswas_SDC_Ko

@Ankita_Biswas_SDC_Ko You can use Computer Vision for better result.

How would we scrape the relevant data from the screen relative to the place where the tick box is checked?

Do you have any idea about it?

You could just use Image Exists. When you indicate on screen you’ll drag a box which you’d draw around the checkbox and the label. Do this with a version of the document where the checkbox is checked. Then Image Exists will return true if it finds that checked box and label combo.