How to change username for forum

How do i go about changing my username for the forum ? I was able to get the email id changed , but cannot see any way to get the username changed. Is there any way ?


According to the post here

You’ll likely need to contact those moderators mentioned in order to change your username. They are @Shradha_Upadhyaya and @Roxana_Stratila

Looks like just some emails back and fourth… but you’re right that there’s not a way on the site from what I can see!


Only admins can change usernames. @Forum_Staff can help you with that.

The reason why changing usernames is not enabled is because if you do it previous referrals break. So if you were previously tagged the username doesn’t change.



Thanks a lot @ovi ! , can you change my username to any avaliable combination with “Sai Kiran” in it ?

eg : sai_kiran, saikiran saikiran87 etc

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Done! Changed it to sai.kiran.

Have a nice day! :sun_with_face:

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Thanks a lot @ovi !! :smiley:

Oh, whoops! My bad. As you can see I’m pretty new here, so I’m learning the ropes a bit! Thanks for letting me know!

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No worries! That’s why I specified this, for you (and maybe others who will bump into this) to know the people.

I think I can create a post or some sort of a webinar to let everyone know who to reach out to. Although you can always ask me and I will point in the right direction (or at least I’m trying to :blush: ).