Need to change my username for

Hi Team,

I have completed my uipath certification on foundation when i was in my previous firm. Recently i have switched my company, i would like to continue my certification on Orchestrator and advanced level.

Please help me in this regards.

Yogapriya Sankar

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Same request here.
I also want to change my username, does anyone have some ideas?
Thank you.

Hi @sshen & @Yogapriya_S,

@Shradha_Upadhyaya or @Roxana_Stratila will guide on this.


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Thank you so much for reply.
Please let me know what information need to be provided.

Hi @sshen,

Please help me with your username/registered email id and let me know the exact name you want to be altered to on the certificate.


Thank you for reply.
I have messaged the information to you.

Hi @sshen

I have made the changes. Kindly check and confirm.



Thank you so much for your help.

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Hello. I’d like to change my name as well, it’s wrong in all my certificates. That would be possible? My login in academy it’s with my company adress,

I Need to change my username for and the name of certificate as well,i need your help
username: haoda bai
i want to change the name in certificate is : haoda fang

Hi Shradha,
Please help me also . I want to change my last name in certificate and profile both.

Aditya Kumar

Hi @Shradha_Upadhyaya @Roxana_Stratila,

i’m attending my Advance level certification, my Academy and Acme credentials are not same

following are username of both
Academy: aditya.prakash (I want to make my email as a username)

it is possible? else need to change ACME user name to Aditya.prakash


Hi @Shradha_Upadhyaya,

Can You please change my name too in certificate of My level 1 as:
B N Suneel Darapureddy from the previous.
Email ID:
User Name: suneel

Thank you.

Hi SShen,

I am new user to the uipath academy. i registerd to the account and i forgot my username and password. could you please guide me in this issue.


hello, i want to change my email address in uipath academy , connect etc. can you help ?

Hi Shradha,

Like Yogapriya I have I have recently switched companies and would like to change my academy username. Is this something you can help me with?


Hi @Shradha_Upadhyaya and @Roxana_Stratila,
I would like to change my email address in UiPath Academy from to
Can you help me please? :slight_smile:
Waiting for your reply and thank you in advance.