Is there anyway to migrate or move my forum activity & progress to a new ID?

So this ID is given by my company , and i have a lot of activity and progress in my forum account

now i want to move all the data and progres of forum to a new ID that is my personal one

is there any way ?

well i dont have much hope for this , but still im asking it out

Hi @indiedev91

You can change the Mail account for the same account. Open your profile and click on Profile button after that click on Preferences.
There is Email field in that hit on spanner symbol then you can change the mail address after updating it Click on Save Changes.

Check the below image for better understanding.

Hope it helps!!

Thanks , but i have one query , i have change the profile image & the mail id and the display name , but i cant see any option to change @indiedev91 to my desired User ID

Hi @indiedev91 ,

You can update the profile details in the Preferences page

Yes i have did, but now i also want to change the userid ? how can i do that

No @indiedev91 , You can’t change the username for the existing account it will be created when you are creating account. We can’t change the Username

Hope you understand!!

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so for that i have to create a new account alone , which i dont want and neither i want the same username too, well okay


You can try to contact forum staff directly, they might be able to help you. Maybe send a private message to this group?

Members - Forum_Staff - UiPath Community Forum -


This is done :slight_smile: The solution above is indeed a valid one.

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