Basic Recording : Font not changing


I have created simple flow using Basic Recording.

This is what i am trying to achieve

  1. I have open untitled notepad
  2. Start recording
  3. Type in a line. Hit enter ( i get a pop up related to anchor). I have attached screenshot. I click on “no” option. If I click on Yes the sequence times out when i run later. With option No sequence runs fine.
  4. Go to Format. Change Font. Click Ok.
  5. Esc from recording. Save the sequence

The flow is running fine, but font does not get changed.

Am i missing anything?


Your right i have faced the same issue.
“Select item” unable to change the font though it updates the new font style but after clicking on ok and if you go back and see the font style it remains same as the earlier one.

Solution: just use “type into” activity instead of “select item” :slight_smile:

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I am seeing the same issue, thanks @ddpadil for the suggestion, it certainly works.

I’d like to know why this problem occurs though. Surely if we get this problem in the most basic example using Notepad, we’re bound to see it again in more complex workflows, potentially without the availability of “Type into” as a workaround.

Why, in this example, does UI Path behave differently than a human operator despite using the Default Input Method?



From Apr to Aug lot of changes has been made.
UiPath always trying to be the best in what they doing by fixing bugs and enhancing the features.
And all that happened in very rapid speed.
Today we have 2017 edition Moonlight. More to go.:metal:

Happy Automation.

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I have faced the same issue. Thanks @ddpadil for your suggestion, it is working absolutely fine:+1:

Thanks @ddpadil for the suggestion, this approach works

Hi @ddpadil , I got the same issue. I also understand your pointof not using “select item”. But can you tell me how do I change it to “Type Into” activity??