How to change the exponential value in the normal one: example- -2.91038304567337E-11?

I am getting the resultant value in exponential form but i need the value in the normal from. How to change that to normal decimal place number.

Eg: -2.91038304567337E-11

Please help me with this. Thank You


Try this :slight_smile: , Get the value and then use .

Integer.Parse(“-2.91038304567337E-11”, System.Globalization.NumberStyles.Any)

ok thanx…let me try.


Sure @AryanSingh

Let me know if it works :slight_smile:

Hey i think it will work but the value is too big for the integer type, so showing this error



Instead of Integer, use Double and make sure the value you are assigning after parsing is also a double @AryanSingh

still same. even after running.


its working for me.


Are you sure you changed the value to decimal?

i am not assigning the value to the variable after parsing.
What i am doing is assigning the value to the row like this

row.Item(1)=Double.Parse(incomeStmntAmt.ToString, System.Globalization".NumberStyles.Any)

“incomeStmntAmt” is of double type already!


Why don’t you assign it to a variable and check if the value is converting or not using a message box @AryanSingh? And then try to assign it to the row.item(1)


hey thanx i am able to change successfully!


Happy to help @AryanSingh

Glad you got the solution

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