Read csv01

I want to read value from csv,but in cell value show different value and actual value see in above.

Please provide us more details what issue you have. But if you problem is only related with displaying value then try change type of cell to a number and will be ok.


Use Read CSV activity and create a datatable variable

Hope this will help you


How to change run time cell formats in csv

Store the all value in datatable


Yes, the variable you create in Read CSV file will hold all the values

then you can retrieve whatever value you required


Getting value in Dt but format is not correct format.


Use below expression to change the exponential value to normal integer. Please refer the below thread for more guidance. Thanks.

intvariable = Decimal.Parse(yourexponentialvalueindatatable, System.Globalization".NumberStyles.Any)

It’s working

Glad it worked. Nice connecting with you.

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