How to change the cell format to currency?

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Do you know what is the easy way to change cell format in Excel?

Input value : 641.25
Expected number format: $641.25

Note: I can only use official activities…


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@Tana20 - Please try this



Thanks @prasath17…but the image you added is not available, :frowning:

Where do you recommend using it? In an “Assign” activity maybe?

@Tana20 -Image is showing now…please check…(I restarted the machine and its working now :frowning: )

Yes in Assign activity …

Str = “641.25”
StrPrefix = str.Insert(0,"$")
Message box = StrPrefix
Output: $641.25

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How can I apply that to a column in Excel? for instance I would like to apply that format to column “A” except the header…

@Tana20 - Here is the sample xaml Main.xaml (8.4 KB)


Suggestion : If you would have asked this at the first point, I would have provided this solution. So next time when you ask, please provide your exact query.

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I totally agree with you, I’m still working on my first project and I’m just getting used to using the forum; thank you for this and other recommendations you have given me.

Now, regarding the .xaml … I can’t open it in UiPath Studio, it had happened to me before. Maybe the UiPath versions are incompatible?


@Tana20 - save the xaml inside the new folder. After that try to double click from there. Here is the image…

Assign–> row.Item(“Y”) = row.Item(“Y”).ToString.Insert(0,"$")

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Also consider injecting VBA Code to do the Excel Magic, its easy and stable:

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