Convert cell format after enter variable in excel (figure with currency)

Hello together,

I try to fill in a figure from another programm to an excel-file (in the next free column).
It works, but I have a problem with the format of the cell.

Here I got my variable (string)


In Excel you can see the result (A3), but I need the same format as in A2.
I tried a lot and read some other discussions here but didn’t found a solution that work.

I can correct the cells manually by doubleclick and enter, but I need to solve this in uipath.

Do you have any idea?

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Hi @thomas.seeber you can paste the values in excel sheet and then write a macro to correct the formatting of entire column in 1 go and then run that using UiPath.

maybe executing a series of shortcuts will help (put some delay in between)

  • Excel is open (German localized)
  • Select Column

Shortcut/Key Sequence:


Option 2
give a try to execute the Change cell format activity outside of any Excel Application Scope. Have a look on the Output Execution Result and check its return

I found a solution by using an excel-makro.
Thanks a lot to both of you :slight_smile:

My Makro in my Excel-File:

and in UIPATH:

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