How to change sheet from excel to csv file?

How can I change sheet from excel to csv file?I’ve only found to change excel file to csv file.In my case,there are 4 sheets in excel and I want to change only 1 sheet to csv file.Is there any way how to change it?Thank you.

See this


Hi @Aung_kyaw_zin
well if you want to convert CSV to Excel do as the link mentioned by @PrankurJoshi
But if you want to convert Excel to Csv the only method I know is by opening each excel sheet and read what’s inside place it in a datatable and finally use that datatable in a WriteCSV activity to write in a new csv file, so they are two steps:

1. ReadRange each excel sheet (you can uncheck the visible att in the excel app scope if you want)

2. WriteCSV in a new CSV file

final advise to loop through all elements of a giving file use this



If you want convert all the Excel files in directory you use assign and loop else
You can use read range activity and
Write csv

Thanks for all reply.I’ll try it.:smiley: