How to change selector when running in Debug

Is there any possibility to change a selector in debugging mode? it would be great if there was such a functionality. Sometimes it’s very anyoing, because it is not possible to change the selector in the process, and we have to waste a case to find out.

It throws exception here, so i would like to change it to a new selector in order to check will it work? Is there any way how to do that?

Hi @Mateusz_Koper
Once you encounter a situation that throws an exception, you could use the validation feature provided by selectors.

Well, yes I can do it, but it’s not possible while I’m in debug mode, and that was the question - How to change a selector without having to stop the entire process…

Unfrotunately, I haven’t figured out a way to do that yet, and I don’t think it’s possible either, at least in Studio’s current version. One can only hope :wink: