How to change robot`s password by API?

Hello Everybody, I get a problem when change password by api,

use this link`s services:

It notice me “robotDto is null!” when i click “try it” button

Thank you very much!

Your query is not clear…grammatical mistakes…can you please provide more details.

Dear skini76,
Thanks for your answer.

I want to change robot`s password, and i do it like this:
step1:Get Authentication by using “HTTP Request” from “”,
and this step is success .
step2:Refer to “UiPath” and get Robots info from Orchestrator.
The info like this:

step3:use the info(step2 getted it) to edit this robot

problems here: I can not fix a suitable Json variable to edit this robot,when i submit this request ,it response me this:

I dont know wether the steps is ok or maybe there have some better metheds

Thanks again!

The request url maybe should end as /odata/Robots?$filter=Id eq ‘32…’
However I do not really understand how you would like to change a Robots password, since that equals the windows credentials of the person connected to it, isn’t it? You can add and remove robots, but changing password is not possible I think.