How to Change Font Size in Studio?

I am new to UiPath. I can’t seem to find a way to increase my Studio font size. Thanks.


What font size are you referring to?
If the display of font in activity titles/comments you can use zoom option given at the right bottom in studio (CTRL + scroll up/down).


Hi Meg,

Thanks for your response. Please see the attached image. I would like to increase font size in the red circled areas.




These font belongs to the app,
you can change this by navigating to system display settings and increasing the display size.

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In my case, I am on a Windows Server cloud instance. I can only use Remote Desktop to access the server. Windows does not allow changing these settings in Remote Desktop.

Thanks for your response.


When using RDP, use a different resolution. It looks like you are running at 2k or 4k resolution :thinking:


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This might help, check this thread.

I can’t find the display setting page you posted above

I need to change the font size larger, since my monitor is too big, thanks