How to change font size and font style of an Excel?

How to change the font size and font style (font name) of an Excel?

Hi @Rajat_Hedaoo

Can you share a sample excel file and let us know which font size and style you need to change in the file? So that we can help you on the same.

Hi @Manish540

We can take any Excel file for sample, the font name should be set to Arial and font size should be 8. This has be done without using the Modern activities.



So, you have to change the font size and style of range of cells(For example:- “A1:C10”) or of a single cell(For example:- “A1” or “B1”)?


please check this balareva guide, you can make that with his activities


HI @Rajat_Hedaoo

You can use Format cells activity in Modern Design


Why @Rajat_Hedaoo any specific reason?

For the whole of excel

Hi @Sudharsan_Ka

It is an old project and due to limitation of organization I cannot use Modern activities.


Hi @fernando_zuluaga

I am limited to using only UiPath extensions. I cannot use any external extensions for the same.


Then the only option is using an invoke code from vba, here are some exampels

@Rajat_Hedaoo Please find the below workflow attached, (10.3 KB)

And if you have any issue in running the vba then check below settings has been enabled in excel application - trust center.

Hope this may help you :slight_smile: