I wanted to change excel font color for particular scenario.Can you pls help me how to change font color(not cell) using c# or vb.net

Can you pls help me with this?

Balareva has got it all covered

UiPath Excel Change Font Name, Size, Style , Script,Strike through,Color, Underline the cell range - YouTube

We are not supposed to use third party packages.

Then you can create that on your own. Basically you can have a VBA script to do so

Or you can have a macro to run that part too

Font Property in Excel VBA - Easy Macro Tutorial (excel-easy.com)

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You can use Invoke VBA activity to invoke a Macro in excel.

Check the following workflow:

Forum_ChangeFontColor.zip (8.8 KB)

You can also use this command in the text file if you don’t want to use RGB colors:

Range("a1").Font.Color = vbRed

Other Vb colors:

Let me know if you have any additional question.