How to change excel row length

Hi Folks,

I am pasting the datatable in excel and after pasting I need to change the first row to 19.5 and rest of the rows to 12.
How would I achieve this , Please help!


Create one template excel with predefined row lengths. And then copy that template excel file into other folder and write data into it.

@Karan28 Hello, can you show us a sample screenshot of the excel after the data table has been written into it and another screenshot of what you want to excel to look like

Hey I tried that , its not working

I am using Read Range preserve format and its not taking the actual row length which I needed

Hello ,

In an excel I have sheet one with row 1 length =19.5 and other row length = 12.
I am reading the data of sheet1 using read range - preserve format and when I am pasting the data in sheet 2 I want the row1 length = 19.5 and other row length =12 in sheet2 just like in sheet 1

@Karan28 ,

You will need to do little ui automaion,

Do ALL operations in EXCEL APPLICATION SCOPE in visible mode,

  1. Write data(Paste it),
  2. Select cell(for example A2) using Select Range activity and press send hot keys Alt+HOH and set value for first row, first row is done,
  3. Select all rows after first row, do same way(step 2).

Please follow below link,

kindly let us know if u r stuck anywhere


Hi Pankaj , Send hot key is not working. I dont think it is an efficient solution any other option u have?