How to calculate excel cells amount with content in Studio

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As I am creating a new column and want to put into some content with the same length of column as the others, but how to calculate the numbers need to add?

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if you want to add items to a excel please follow the below steps.

1.Take one build datatable and create your columns
2. then take for each row in data table
3.Take one assign and create a variable type:string and in the value field. enter the expression from where you are getting the data.
3.take one Add Data Row activity
4.Navigate to properties inside the array of row mention {Your string variable}


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I am not sure to understand.
Let’s say you have a datatable like this:

Do you want one more column with data at column F or G or I did not get your need ?

does this mean you need to have the excel column width equal as for others? or do you need to Auto-Fit the column width

have a look at the below thread: