How to change Excel format of multiple cells to number

Hi all,

Currently I am writing a data table to an excel file that has an “amount” column with number values. When the program finishes and I open the excel the format of the cell is a “Text” format. I wanna know is there any way to change the formatting to “Number”? Any help is appreciated thanks!

for example I wanna convert cells A22:A45 from text no number. Thanks for any help and ideas.

Hi @AhmedKutraphali …so these amounts fields are stored as String in Uipath?

Yes , because there is a dollar attach to a value it needs to be stored as a string like $123,445.56


in a similar case I use “Invoke VBA” and write a VBA script in a text file like this:
Sub ColumnNumberFormat()
With Selection
.NumberFormat = “0,00”
.Value = .Value
End With
End Sub

And I call it in my project into an “Excel scope”:

Can be helpful?

regards, Gio