How to change drop down selected value on a windows application?

Hi Team,

I am trying to change the selected value from the dropdown list with another value.

I have 3 values in drop-down list ,default selected with one value
I tried different activities to capture the required value but couldn’t succeed.

Any one can suggest a solution ?

Have you tried using Select Item?

Yes, tried using Select Item also, not working for me

Hi! @pradeepin2007, welcome to community!

You can achieve this by using the select item. if it is not working you can try

Find children Activity followed by Get attribute values

for your reference please go through this.


Hi @pradeepin2007 ,

Does it shows any error popup while using Select Item…?

Just open UiExplorer and adjust the selectors of Select Item activity by adding the attributes like aaname.

Or if it is typable dropdown, then use combination of Click,Type Into, Send Hotkey activities.


Yes. I got below error message then Set the property to true.but still can not interact with the control.

Select Item ‘combo box Down’: The target element is disabled. Set ‘AlterIfDisabled’ to ‘True’ to enable interaction with disabled elements.


Set AlterIfDisabled to True in properties of Select Item activity and check it once.

Is it still shows the same error even after changing the property AlterIfDisabled to True…?

My solution is:

  • Click drop down button
  • Take a screenshoot & paste in on PAINT program
  • Then use click image activities → adjust the selector from paint to your program which one you need automation

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