How to change default path for personal.xlsb file in uipath

Hi Team,

I am trying to run personal macro from UiPath but UiPath giving error that personal.xlsb file is not available or exists. The reason behind that is UiPath searching personal.xlsb file by default in user\document folder.
can someone help me how to change this default path to wherever I want.

Following is the screenshot shows how I am trying to execute the Macro.


Whenever you are trying to run a macro with EXECUTE MACRO activity then the specified excel file must be macro enabled and I could see you have mentioned as .xlsx

Is it .xlsx file or xlsm or xlsb

Please validate that once


Try calling in this way

Cheer @gitesh.bhoir

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yes it is because i need to performed macro operation on latest downloaded file, which can not be macro enabled.
right now if I placed Personal.XLSB file in document folder macro getting executed successfully.
But I don’t want to keep this file in document folder instead I have to keep this in project directory, So I need to find out the way to change the default path where UiPath is looking this Personal Macro file.

Well we can browse for the file location from the excel activity itself and take the file from project directory itself


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Thanks @Palaniyappan. but I am able to fixed this issue by keeping this Personal.xlsb file in document folder( which is default path for UiPath/Blueprism). I need to change that.


What is the current folder path and what you want to change in that

Pls share this folder path you have

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As I mentioned its user\Documents, I need to change it to project directory.
But not sure from where and how i can change this in UiPath.

You mean you want to keep the file directory in the project folder where main.xaml files are like placed

In that case move that file to project directory
And mention just the FileName like this while passing the input in the macro activity

Cheers @gitesh.bhoir