How to change default folder of installed published process, so I can put files in there to process by Bot?

Currently my process is installed in default folder: C:\Users\user.nuget\packages\botname\version\lib\net45\my_bot_folders_with_main.xaml

I want it to change in some other location say D drive; my requirement is process excel files which will be copied in input folder under bot folder and then run the automation from Assistant.

Please guide me how can I achieve it?

Hi @akash.singh

You can go to this path:


and can change “Uipath.setting” file’s

“NuGetServerUrl”: “%ProgramData%\UiPath\Packages”,

and restart your studio


Hi @Gokul001,

Thanksfor answering, I have a question.
What exactly I need to put after “NuGetServerUrl”? my local custom path where I want to copy my input files?

Hi guys, found the solution from UiPath docs itself.
Please refer below link and go to section: Changing the Download Folder for Packages.

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