How to change default Column names generated from Generate Data Table Activity

How to change default Column names(Column1,Column2…) generated from Generate Data Table Activity.


Try with the highlighted option in the Generate Data Table activity.

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Hi @sarathi125 ,

Thank you for the response.
If i check this option,column headers are not adding but i want to change the column names to my own column names.

Hi @RajeshT
Try using as below
YourDt.column(yourCurrentColumnName).ColumNname= yourNewColumnName

You can use this inside loop as well such as
While i< yourDt.columns.count

Hope this will work for you.


hi @Deepak94,

I am getting below error,when i am using while activity:


Hi @RajeshT,
Can you try using it as below.

BTW, what is the value assigned to var PolicyNumber?
Make sure increment i.

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This is working fine @Deepak94 .

Thanks ton!!

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