How to Change Column Format to Text in excel using Linq Query

Hello All,
I want changes Cell format of Column"AccountDetails" to Text format. Kindly Suggest a Linq Query to achieve this goal.

Hi @Ripusudan_Sharma

Refer to the link for more information


May be we can directly try with excel itself instead of reading that and using linq query

For that we have got custom components to perform this format cell

Have a view on this for more ideas

Cheers @Ripusudan_Sharma

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@Palaniyappan Thanks for the Answer. But actually I had Tried this method prevoiusly and Result were also proper. But were facing some issue while uploading those data in a Desktop application. So we want try other method using Linq Query. can you please help out on the same

May be i another simple method we can convert a column type to text

Use a excel application scope and read the excel with read range activity and get the output as dt

  • now use for each row activity and pass dt as input

  • inside the loop use a assign activity like this

CurrentRow(“yourcolumnname”) = “ ‘ “ + CurrentRow(“yourcolumnname”).ToString

Here we will be adding a single quote before to all the value of that column

  • finally outside the for each row activity use a write range activity and pass dt as input and enable add headers property

This single quote on being written to excel will convert that column data to TEXT format

Cheers @Ripusudan_Sharma

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