Change the format of the Excel colums to text before writing to excel?

how can i Change the format of the Excel colums to text using uipath before writing to excel

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“’” before that value in that column
In For Each Row

i have huge data to write and its not possible to use foreach row

Then Try to make it as text after writing it in Excel

Hi @LeelaGopinath,

The below package has an activity called “Change Cell Type” that to change format of the columns.


@balupad14 How to change the cell type to “Text”. I tried by typing “Text” in the cell format field of “Change cell type” activity. But no luvk.

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Hi @suvalakshmi.e38,

to change it to text format . You have use the “@” symbol in the cell format.

Thank you

Hi @balupad14 Thank you so much for your help that works.

Is there any activity to over write that text formatted cell. Because, I need the cell to contain the value as “Jan1” but by default the excel converts it as “01-Jan” so when I convert into Text data type it changes the cell with the value as “43831”. To have that field as “JAN1”, I need to override that same text converted cell.