How to change a column in excel to text format

How could I change a column in excel to text format?

hi @christine.tzenghy,

Is it for a single column or the entire sheet of Data.

  1. You can Read Range the Data in a DataTable and paste the same in different sheet - DataTable will remove all the Formatting and you will get the Data without Formatting.

  2. You can Make use of Excel shotcuts by typing formula =TEXT(C2,“0”) in the Desired postion.

Below Link has the Details - You can code the Bot to execute the steps


Hi @mukeshkala

Thanks for the reply. I would like to do for a specific column but I think the entire sheet would work too.

May I know how could I paste the data to a different sheet?

  1. Take an Excel application scope and Pass the Excel Path
  2. Take a Read Range Activity and assign the Sheet Name and the Range to Read - This will output you a Datatable sat DT
  3. Take a Write Range and Specify the new sheet Name - Starting cell to paste Data and Datatable her would be DT we got in step 2.