How to cast to objectValue

I’m trying to update a column on a row in Smartsheet. I have my rowID and my columnID. I also have a data table set up for just those two things and objectValue. It is already set as data type Smartsheet.Api.Models.ObjectValue. I also have a variable I’m trying to assign with a value that is data type Smartsheet.Api.Models.ObjectValue. They type I’m trying to assign right now is String. I can’t seem to figure out how to get a value into that data type. I even tried StringObjectValue and it still isn’t working. What is the process to assign to that data type?

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Maybe some more details/screenshots can help if not answered with info from below

assign it to a variable strict to datatype of Smartsheet.Api.Models.ObjectValue - e.g. myValue

in case of a string is needed give a try on myValue.ToString or DirectCast(myValue, System.String)

Here is my assign and below I have the variable type for my objectValue variable.



I tried this with just data type ObjectValue but it didn’t work either. The column in SmartSheet where I want this to eventually end up is a Text/Number data type column.

The error it is giving is:

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