How to capture the data which is having background color


i want to handle an automation where i need to delete this claim id filter and type into again with some other filter name but due to background color the selectors are failing .
i have used get ocr and computer vision activities but its not working


Try with get attribute or find children. And see if you can get aaname or row position. So, probably with those values, you can find a match with that selector to either check or uncheck.

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this is onbase application where these activities are not working here mostly we need to use cv activities.

Ok, then maybe use a separate CV scope for this window and try to work with CV check or click and in the descriptors, see the common things when there are different backgrounds.

For reference: Computer Vision Results For Different Color Backgrounds

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you want to click on Clear Filter button or want to get the Claim ID…?

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Try getting a good descriptor but thwn play around with the accuracy or match percentage and check which best suites

That might help


i want to first click on that type into area then write a value which i need by deleting previous value which already exists.

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Can we use Image Automation ? If yes then we can try the below

if column is always going to be Claim id then we can try to use below image in Click Image activity
Or this one

Note: You can use multiple Click Image activity in parallel activity. Play with Image > Accuracy (property) little to have better result

Test.xaml (23.9 KB)