Colored Area recognition

Hi everyone, I’ve got a little issue on hand. There’s this PDF with a blueprint of a call center floor, and I need a robot to count each color quantity to determine which area has most desks and calculate the shared areas (meeting rooms on the right) which are going to be divided the cost between two or more areas … anyone has a hint/clue on how to start with this? I’ve no clue on how to do with colors

I don’t know. You might look through Go! to see if there’s anything on color recognition.

I would first suggest seeing if the tool that was used to create the blueprint is available, because then you could find the information by editing the original file.

You could also try Image activities assuming it can detect color, which I am not sure of. And, you would need to create a grid of clipping regions so you can look in each quadrant.

Other thing to try is the AI.ComputerVision activities.

I have not worked on color automation, but hope these tips help.


Hello guys @Daniel_Augusto @ClaytonM

I recently had to work on kind of a similar case where I needed to extract the color of ui components to come up with a rating using stars.

For this I used a component in Go which enables us to extract the color of the uielement using screen positions and also from images.

The extracted color will be represented as a string as red, yellow etc…

Try and check it out whether it works for your case. It worked perfectly for my scenario.


Hi Lahiru.Fernando,

Do you mind sharing the sample workflow? I am working on a process that is very similar to what Daniel wanted to do. Your help would be highly appreciated!