Color detection with CV


My desktop application has a table.

Some rows are green.

How to detect them with CV?


Can you provide us an example?

No (data protection).

Just imagine a table for instance with 10 rows and 4 columns. Again: I am talking about a desktop application (no browser).

2 rows have a green background. How to detect them with CV? I see no CV activity for this task.

I am not sure if it works but you could try to iterate over each cell and read it with a color detector.
Is the color available in the selector? (Ui Explorer) If so, you can read the selector and map it respectively.

Color Detector - RPA Component | UiPath Marketplace

Great idea but I can not install it:

I found Getting error: No compatible version with windows projects - #4 by sudheern

Color Detector needs a windows legacy project. I generally prefer windows legacy after the majority of the packages are not compatible with windows projects.

Well, actually the color is not available in the selector. In this case could the color detector still work?

yes, easiest way is to create a new project and select windows legacy


How to create a windows legacy project? Or how to convert my current project to a windows legacy project?

Create a new projekt and choose windows legacy

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