How to capture select items and use them


I have a desktop app that lists dates in a select dropdown, see attached example. I am trying to:

  • Select 04/11/2014

  • Click Print

  • Save as 04112014.pdf

  • Select next item, 04/12/2014 and repeat.

If I use this example will I get close? 6.RPAdropdownList

Hi @joesparty

Use select item and click print and save the file do these activities within a while loop by setting a counter var


  1. When this screen appears try typing in keyboard
  2. If it works you can use type into activity and set the date in type into activity.
  3. Click activity for the button click and so on.
    try if this helps

Hello @ashley11,

I’m not able to type in the keyboard, only use the mouse. I was able to use the Get Attribute and capture all of the items.
How would I be able to change the name from 06/09/2019 to 06092019?

Also by default there is nothing selected in the list of dates. How would I be able to go from the array of dates to clicking on each one?

Hi @AshwinS2,

Do I need a counter or would the ForEach loop take care of that?


Please check whether “Click” Activity is working for that select dates . If so , open explorer and clone the date and make the selector as dynamic by replacing the aaname , which might contain the date (04/13/2014) and check whether it’s working.


Hi @Uthraa,

I used the “Click” activity to manually pick a date. Is there a way to replace <ctrl name=‘06/19/2019’ with the next item in the array? Also, the GUI would require you to select the next item down in the list before printing.

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