How to capture of error undelivered email for send outlook mail message

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I have design a process to send email using “send outlook mail message” activity.

But i wrongly input one of the email address in to " TO" field.

The process can be executed successfully and send email to the rest of the recipient in " To" field & " CC" field.

But in the outlook itself, i received the email notification stated " Delivery has failed to these recipients or groups:

How can i handle this kind of error/ issue happen in Uipath workflow itself?

Kindly advise.

As this is very important, may overlooked and some of the user didnt receive the email due to this.

Thank you.

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Greetings @irene0227, Can the following steps help?

  1. Send email to recipients using ‘Send outlook mail message’ activity.
  2. Use ‘Get mail’ activity to fetch the inbox unread messages.
  3. Look for specific subjects. For example, ’ Delivery has failed to these recipients or groups.’
  4. If any failed message found, you can use send email activity to get notification that you might need to check the recipients(The list that you got from get email activity).



Thanks for your reply.

I did try on the get outlook mail message.

But i keep on getting error message of " the specific folder does not exist".

I have try to look around for the solution but it is still the same error pop up.

i try to remove the account property for outlook.

Thank you