How to capture Full webpage screenshot with wait time of page loading

The take screenshot activity only takes the visible screen. the full webpage which has data to view through scrolling can not be captured. I tried custom activities available like Web Capture activity but in most instances, it takes the screenshot while the page is still loading.
So looking for a solution to capture a full webpage after it gets loaded or has a parameter as seconds to wait before taking the screenshot.


We can check whether a page is fully loaded or not with Element exists activity and for scrolling screen shot

Refer this thread

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I came across one such scenario and found this extesnion useful. It capture complete page post click on extension.

Use the classic take screenshot and do not give it a selector. It will take a screenshot of the entire screen.

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the page is loaded confirmation can be checked in multiple ways

but screenshot, you need for a loaded lage? then you can simply print that entire page.

taking screenshot with pgdown button doesn’t work well, as there’s some delay in some cases

Hi Lakshay, thanks for reply. we have a limitation on installing any add on so it needs to be done through some activity.

I will give a try to it and will let you know. thanks

@Palaniyappan Thanks, I will try the solutions and let you know.

In that scenario, You can use ctrl+p and print the complete page.
Now to check whether page is completed loaded inject a js script window.onload() and later convert pdf to image

does anyone has a working solution with VerticalScrollPercentProperty kind of thing mentioned in the above thread.

SO I have achieved it by injecting javascript to check if the page is scrolled till the botton and then took the screenshot.
thank you guyz for all you help.

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