How to call or use Orchestrator API using the Orchestrator cloud and Uipath Studio Community Edition?


I have a question, can I call Orchestrator API using my account credential in Orchestrator Cloud? Or do I need to register as a tenant first? If so, how can I register as a tenant? I’m using Uipath Studio Community Edition and Orchestrator Cloud. I also have an account in Orchestrator Cloud. Could someone please help me with this?

Thank you.


Once you logged into cloud orchestrator and then go to Services page and there you will find your tenant name. Just click on that it will redirect to your tenant region in the cloud.

Hi @lakshman,

Thank you for your reply,

I have done as you told, mind if I ask which one is the tenant name? Is it the one that I have circled in the above screenshot?


Actually, I have tried to call the Orchestrator API using the method from this link:

but it require me to include the credential from my Orchestrator which are as below:

  1. tenancyName
  2. usernameOrEmailAddress
  3. password
  4. url

However, when I have use my Orcestrator credential, there some error come up and I unable to call the Orchestrator API.


Yes, that highlighted one is tenant name.

Please check below thread and follow the steps.


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