How to calculate variance in excel without using loop

i am trying to calculate variance in excel sheet but i have no idea, how to calculate variance without using loop? so, Please any help would be appreciated



We can try in same way using write cell like

Instead of countIF here use a var function

Cheers @kaavya

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thanks for your reply @Palaniyappan, but can you please explain in detail?

May I know how you usually find the variance MANUALLY for your data

So that I can tell you the steps for UiPath

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@Palaniyappan ,for example, i have to get variance from columns (F - T) and the answer will be stored in U column and the count of the row is dynamic, so in such case, how should be performed without loop?

sure!,=A2-B2, this is how manually we calculate @Palaniyappan


Which function you are looking for

And did we try with write cell activity where you can mention the formula as input, between double quotes the one you use in manual approach
And mention the cell position also like where this formula has to be entered in your excel


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thank you @Palaniyappan

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