How to Bypass Excel Sheet Link Updates?

Hello All,

I am having issues with automating some data in an excel sheet. The file is password protected and I am able to enter the file. Right before, I get a pop up asking if I trust the links in the workbook and if I would like to update them. This stops my process from being automated. Is there anyway to bypass this? The Macro setting is set to automatically update links, but for some reason I still get the pop up.

Since you mentioned Macro setting, are you sure that you have changed the correct setting? According to Microsoft, you should do this (no macros involved):

  1. Select File > Options > Advanced .
  2. Under General , click to clear the Ask to update automatic links check box.


Source: Control the startup message about updating linked workbooks - Office | Microsoft Learn

Thank you for this. Unfortunately I don’t always have control of the excel file to disable from inside the file. Is there any way I can fix this in UI Path?

Have you the cleared the above setting? You don’t need any excel file to access the setting above.

  • When the Ask to update automatic links check box is cleared, the links are automatically updated. Additionally, no message appears.
  • This option applies to the current user only and affects every workbook that the current user opens. Other users of the same workbooks are not affected.

Thank you! This helps a lot. I did not realize this was for all excel files for that user. I think this should handle it! I will confirm this as the solution after some testing!